Google Ads

Google Ads

It really is this simple – save yourself, save your business start using Google Ads.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the most effective means of marketing and this is something every business owner can afford and it’s a no brainer when a new customer is worth more than 414 € to you because you will see an immediate return on your investment. We are talking about instant gratification for both you and your new customers!

WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS as an authorized Google Partner can make it happen for you and your business! Your dedicated Web Marketing Manager works with you to make the most of your Google Ad PPC (pay per click) campaigns, creates landing pages that match the ads, and helps you come up with a clear call to action and incentive that gets real results by making it easy for visitors to find you and either contact you or order online or request a quote or what ever works for you. Trust WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS as your Google Authorized Agency to help you make the most of your marketing investments. Before hiring us to setup and manage your Google Ads PPC please read Google’s Working with Third-Parties.

For more information and to get started consider our Google Ads Marketing – First Campaign.

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