Social Media Marketing – Initial Setup

$ 800.00 initial setup (CAD)

  • EUR: 552 € initial setup
  • GBP: £ 488 initial setup
  • USD: $ 600 initial setup

Win more business through promoting your brand, services, and products to social sites beginning with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


The best part of Digital Marketing @ourfingertips is that it is rich with ideas and know-how.

Social Media Marketing is an active solution aimed at winning you more business through promoting your brand, services, and products to social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), WhatsApp, YouTube, WeChat, TikTok, Telegram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, Discord, Twitch, and others.

In being active socially you will be connecting to and interacting with others in these social sites where you have many opportunities to gain recognition and get reactions. The main issue with social media marketing is that it requires a significant time commitment and it is easy to get distracted from your goals … so it requires a clear plan of action and discipline to see any return on your investment.

Before investing in Social Media Marketing, consider investing in more effective marketing approaches – we recommend you begin with a Marketing Strategy.

@ourfingertips works with business owners and professionals to create social media plans of action focused on making the most of your resources to see the best possible return on your investments.

Order this complete solution for your business and receive all of the following:

  1. No cost and no obligation professional consultation with you and your team on how to make the most of social media for your business goals.
  2. Setup your 4 most effective social media accounts and business pages, normally Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  3. With your permission, provide admin/manage access so our team can help with your social media accounts.
  4. Create a Social Media Plan Of Action with instructions and steps for you and your team to follow.
  5. 1 hour meeting online with a Digital Marketing Professional who will walk you and your team through your Social Media Plan Of Action and train on best practices and how to make the most of social media marketing.
  6. Will add at least 1 post on each of your social media accounts and support your team in promoting them.
  7. After a week will provide an email with insights, statistics, and recommendations for next steps.
  8. Provide ongoing support and pro-actively help you with your next steps.


Order above – the sooner the better!

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