Paper Pyramids

$ 100.00 (CAD)

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  • GBP: £ 61
  • USD: $ 75

A fun and effective little thing you can use to stand out – and makes for a great gift!

  • Provide a website URL & info you want us to include on the sides of your Paper Pyramids:


The best part of Marketing @ OURFINGERTIPS is that it is rich with ideas and know-how.

Paper Pyramids are quick and inexpensive to create and very effective at helping promote you as a professional, your company, brand, services, and products. This is an example of what can be included with your Direct Mail Marketing – First Campaign and gives you a customized PDF and instructions to make the most of this. Your Paper Pyramids are designed to make the most of your marketing and is a unique solution that will stand out and catch the attention of your intended audience.

Before investing in this, consider investing in more effective marketing approaches – we recommend you begin with a Marketing Strategy.

@ourfingertips works with business owners and professionals to create marketing strategies and plans of action focused on making the most of your resources to see the best possible return on your investments.

Order this complete solution for your business and receive the following:

  1. A Digital Marketing Professional will create the graphic for your Paper Pyramids using your provided URL & info and will email you the PDF file for printing and instructions.
  2. After you have received the custom PDF file, we will follow up to make sure you are happy with it and help you with your next steps.

Paper Pyramids

A fun and effective little thing you can use to stand out – and makes for a great gift!

Order above – the sooner the better!

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