Marketing Strategy & Action Plan

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Grow your business with a successful marketing strategy customized for your specific goals. Make the most of your resources and see the best possible return on your investments.


With a marketing strategy you know how to best invest your time, money, and resources


Steps To Providing Your Marketing Strategy & Action Plan

  1. No cost and no obligation initial consultation to discuss options with a Digital Marketing Professional with over 27 years experience.
  2. In Depth Analyses & Audit of your website, ranking, and competition.
  3. Create your Marketing Strategy & Action Plan.
  4. 1 hour meeting online with a Digital Marketing Professional who will walk you and your team through your Marketing Strategy & Action Plan and provide next steps.
  5. Quote solutions including initial implementation and on going active marketing.


Focus On Top Performing Marketing Approaches

  1. Mass Email Marketing
  2. Paid Search Marketing
  3. Website SEO Marketing
  4. Direct Mail Marketing
  5. Paid Display Marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing


Know Your Closest Competitors

Winning at Digital Marketing is like surviving the ZOMBIE apocalypse where you need to be just ONE STEP ahead of your closest competitor to stay alive.

S.W.O.T. stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

We will look at what your competition is doing and will show you how to get above them in search results by doing a little bit more and a little bit better.


Provide Compelling Content

We will create landing pages designed to help visitors find all the info they need to take the next actions, including benefits, comparative offerings, customer success stories, testimonials, accreditations, and what ever sells your products and services.

We will help you come up with Calls To Action and Incentives for each of your Marketing Campaigns.


Close More Sales & Provide Better Support

We will help you implement effective tools and systems so you and your teams are on top of each step in your sales cycle.


Measure Results & Adjust Campaigns To Improve Performance

We will setup analytics so we can track the successes for each campaign and will connect with you to measure your ROI and better understand what is working and what needs improvement.


Order above – the sooner the better!

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See the following 10 minute video “A Plan Is Not a Strategy”:
A comprehensive plan with goals, initiatives, and budgets is comforting – but starting with a plan is a terrible way to make strategy. Roger Martin, former dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and one of the world’s leading thinkers on strategy, says developing strategy means going outside an organization’s comfort zone and escaping the common traps of strategic planning.

Trust in experienced professionals and get the best value

After you shop around to see what other marketing service providers are offering – we are sure you will see the value in engaging us to help you grow your business.

We see it as our primary job to make sure you see a positive return on your investments – you need to make more money than the costs of our services – and actually grow your business! If you do not see a return on your investments with us, then we should not have started in the first place. We have been in this business for 27 years and we are really good at knowing when we can help you and when we can’t. This is why we have the happiest clients … and we are only happy when you are happy!

@ourfingertips knows marketing and acts on your behalf to manage every aspect of your Marketing Strategy & Action Plan and we keep you posted of our progress. Depending on your requirements, we will show you and your team how to do the work yourselves, we will do the work internally for you, and/or oversee your 3rd party provider(s).


Digital Marketing @ ourfingertips are active solutions aimed at winning you more business through setting up your website and related services to be most effective.

  • We start with top performing marketing approaches so you see the best and quickest possible return on your investments.
  • We help you grow your business with email marketing, pay per click advertising, and improving your website’s standing organically. We use best practices and industry standards.
  • We follow the advice and use the tools as provided by Google, Bing, and other industry leaders.
  • Our approach is simple in that we base your monthly fee on compensating us for the time we dedicate on your account plus any pre-approved expenses for outsourced and sub-contracted products and services.
  • We prioritize how we manage our time on your behalf so you receive the best possible value for our efforts.
  • Working within the limits of our budget each month, we work through the check list as customized for your success.
  • We keep you informed every step of the way with reports showing your results and suggested next steps, and we meet with you to discuss your options and decide what to focus on next.


Ranking Improvement Guaranteed!

Setup Mass Email / Newsletter Marketing – by far the most effective and the least expensive marketing for selling more. Mass emails work great when you have more than a few hundred email addresses of people genuinely interested in your products and services. This is a great place to start as it is inexpensive and very effective when we do it correctly as you will immediately get replies and feedback which we can use to further improve your marketing and take it to the next level with PPC and SEO.

Order this complete solution for your business and your first mass email/newsletter campaign is as good as sent, see: Email Marketing – First Campaign

The best part of mass email marketing is that it is by far the most effective and least expensive approach for selling more.

Setup Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google / Bing / Yahoo. We setup your own accounts and products so you have full ownership and complete control of your pay per click investments – and you pay Google / Bing / Yahoo directly. We get you started and show you and your staff how you can manage these tools independently (if you want to) – so every penny of your investment goes to marketing, unlike any other on-line marketing company, where very little of your money goes to actually paying for clicks, see Google Ads Marketing – First Campaign.

The best part of pay-per-click advertising is the return on your investment is immediate.

Improve your ORGANIC (not paid for) listing in search engine results. Getting on the first page organically requires Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (see Website SEO Marketing). There is so much work to do here and we recommend investing as much into this as your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Your website is listed first in search results when your content best matches what was searched and your website is the best in abiding by all Google’s ranking signals (see Google Ranking Factors). This work is very time consuming and labour intensive and it takes months before seeing a return on your investment – so we need to choose carefully who we delegate this work to and have to continually monitor their activities to make sure we are getting value for our money.

The best part of improving your organic listing is that the return on investment is lasting and long-term.

On-going communications with you is the key to your marketing success. With regular discussions all involved are focused on results and we learn from each other’s observations and experiences. You know your business and industry and you are the one working directly with your customers and members so your input into how we market you is invaluable. You need a dedicated manager who listens to you and works with you to make sure all your marketing efforts are going in the right direction and knows how to make the most of the Top Performing Marketing Approaches.

The best part of your Web Marketing Solution @ourfingertips is that it is rich with ideas and know-how.

Order above – the sooner the better!

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