Managed Web Payments

Managed Web Payments

$ 64 per month (USD)

  • CAD: $ 80 per month
  • EUR: 54 € per month
  • GBP: £ 48 per month

Fully managed eCommerce Payments and Subscriptions for your online business. A better way to get paid and keeping your credit card payments secure and abiding by all compliance regulations.

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Spend more time managing your business – let us manage your payments.

WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS will fully customize your professional-grade eCommerce solution to work with your preferred merchants and payment methods and we insure all effective means of security are in place at every level. Trust us to abide by all compliance regulations to protect your business and your customer’s identities, credit cards, and other payment information while allowing you to offer more payment options than any other solution – VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Interac, Debit, Cash, Cheques, and more!

See the many benefits of using our preferred merchant solution for your business, we highly recommend PayPal Payments Pro version 3.0 as this has better rates and an easy to understand fee structure and all the features we need to easily and securely automate all your payments and automatic subscription billings.

With this solution your Canadian and USA business website can immediately process American Express, JCB, Master Card, and VISA payments securely without customers ever leaving your website and the transaction is processed so your products and services can be delivered immediately. Plus you have a dedicated professional investing the time needed each month to manage all your payments, refunds, update your customer provided credit card information and expiry dates, send notices of missed payments, provide reports, and work with you to make sure you are receiving the best possible service and value for your business needs.

!! Notice for our eCommerce subscription and payment plans:

If you create a PayPal account yourself it will be the wrong account type and we will not be able to use it with our our custom solution (we can not use ‘PayPal Payflow Pro’ – we need ‘PayPal Payments Pro version 3.0’). The PayPal Sales Department needs to create this when setting up a new account – in Canada and the US you can call 1-866-357-0135 > then press option #2 for a Merchant Sales Specialist and they will help you set up your new account.

When you speak with PayPal’s Merchant Sales Specialist, they will walk you through setting up an account on-line at where you will need to provide an email address (suggest billing@ or your own – not info@ or the email your customers use) and password you need to keep private for the account along with your company information and bank account information (the bank account into which you will be withdrawing the funds received from your on-line sales).

Once your PayPal account is activated and your bank account is validated let us know and we will help you get the PayPal Pro API Username, Password, and Signature needed to add to your website so we can setup and manage payments.