Web Management

Web Management

The only solution you need includes all fees for analytics, databases, domains, emails, hosting, SEO, updates, and more!

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  • Google My Business Management

    If you do nothing else – at least do this! Get your business on the map! Ideal for any business that wants to be found in Google Search results!

    $ 10 per month (CAD)
    • EUR: 7 € per month
    • GBP: £ 6 per month
    • USD: $ 8 per month
  • Beginner Website Management

    Ideal for small businesses who already have a website and are not yet ready to invest in the next level. Websites at the beginner level typically have fewer than 10 short pages and need only a few quick updates every month or so.

    $ 35 per month (CAD)
    • EUR: 23 € per month
    • GBP: £ 21 per month
    • USD: $ 28 per month
  • Intermediate Website Management

    Ideal for professionals and service providers with a website focused on marketing and getting more leads from visitors. Websites at the intermediate level are typically adding and updating content every month.

    $ 65 per month (CAD)
    • EUR: 42 € per month
    • GBP: £ 39 per month
    • USD: $ 52 per month
  • Advanced Website Management

    Ideal for complex needs such as ecommerce, online catalogue, member login, paid subscriptions, event registrations, email marketing, and more. Websites at the advanced level require regular updates and maintenance.

    $ 105 per month (CAD)
    • EUR: 68 € per month
    • GBP: £ 63 per month
    • USD: $ 84 per month