Beginner Website Management

27  (EUR)

  • CAD: $ 39.00
  • GBP: £ 24
  • USD: $ 29

Websites at the beginner level typically only need help with a few updates each year. Ideal for professionals, service providers, and business owners to make the most of a small budget to get the best possible return on marketing with a website focused on providing information and getting leads.

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The only solution you need includes all fees for analytics, domains, emails, hosting, SEO, updates, and more!

Your Web Management Solution is aimed at providing you with the best possible value in making sure your website is always available and up to date. Your solution includes hosting and support for your website, emails, and domain name registration and administration – to simplify your responsibilities, save you money, save you having to pay several different providers, protects your ownership better than you can yourself, and makes sure you have all the proper services in place for your needs.

You maintain full ownership of your website content and data and your services continue to be effectively installed, updated, and backed up.

Your Web Management Solutions can be fully customized and are based on the following beginner specifications.


Yearly Updates
1 hour per year Digital Marketing to get more leads from visitors
2 hours per year Maintenance for core apps, plugins, themes & licenses
Optimized for Business & Professional WordPress Websites
5 GB Bandwidth Usage
500 MB Web Disk Usage
Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
Advanced Security against hacks & spam
High-End Hosting with fastest delivery, most reliable uptime
Unlimited Server Administration & Support
Managed Search Console with sitemap submission
Managed Site Analytics with report emailed monthly
Domain Name Registration & Administration (save 31 € per year)
SSL Certificate & Administration (save 90 € per year)
No Live Chats
No Newsletter Sends per month with Email Marketing
No Business Profiles with Google & Microsoft (add 14 € per month)
No savings on Additional Services

We have a better way for business owners to manage, develop, and market their web based operations

Let us help you make the most of the technology at our fingertips

Website, emails, and related services management: Remember we are here to help you, think of us as part of your team, we act on behalf of you and your company. With your website management plan you delegate your website, emails, and related services to us which saves you money, simplifies your operations, makes sure you stand out above your competition, gives you better control over your content and future design – plus you receive unbiased professional advice so you always know your best options for how to improve your website and grow your web based operations.

Website Update Options:

  1. Most professional: Email your updates and instructions to us and we will publish them right away. You will always know up-front what costs are involved, some changes are included with your website management plan, reduced rates available for regular updates.
  2. Custom: After discussing your options and getting a better understanding of your goals we may be able to find a better solution to suit your needs, such as training you and your staff to update your website yourselves using your Content Management System.

To make the most of your investments, we highly recommend adding Digital Marketing.

Order above or contact us to make the most of your resources to get your business growing.