Advanced Website Development

$ 2,880 per project (USD)

  • CAD: $ 3,840.00 per project
  • EUR: 2,650 € per project
  • GBP: £ 2,342 per project

Ideal for complex needs such as ecommerce shops, subscription payments, member only content, event registrations, forums, support tickets, integrating accounting, operations, marketing, sales, and anything.

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Our website design and development guarantees your online business looks and performs exactly as you want it ~ and we can make it public next week!

See the best possible return on your investments when focused on building a website that works with marketing efforts to get more leads and sales from visitors.

A new website will have many advantages for you and your business as it will be easier for you to add and update your content / products / services … plus it looks and functions better for all your visitors when they are using their computers, phones, tablets, what-ever… plus it will list your website better in search results as it is SEO (Search Engine Optimized)… plus it will be more effective for marketing campaigns as it is easy to update and add content so we can:

  • add landing pages for advertising campaigns,
  • add calls to action and/or quick contact forms to convert more visitors into leads and clients,
  • sub-contract content writing to marketing and SEO companies,
  • do much more … see Digital Marketing

More of your investments go to marketing and winning new customers when moving to a new website using our complete solutions.

Using our preferred themes along with our Web Management solutions gives your business a much better value on every level, including:

  1. Having a dedicated professional working on your behalf.
  2. Faster server so less time is wasted making updates and your visitors find what they want quicker.
  3. Website & plugins are fully setup, updated, and maintained.
  4. A 5 star theme that is updated regularly by the developer.
  5. A child theme so updates to the theme do not affect customizations.
  6. A theme that fully supports eCommerce / WooCommerce / Memberships and other popular add-ons.
  7. A theme that allows for ‘unbounce’ and custom landing pages for effective marketing campaigns.
  8. A theme with settings making it easy to get it looking and working exactly as you like.
  9. Security to protect your website and visitors from abuse and fraud.
  10. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) so your website ranks above your competitors in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
  11. Integrated Contact Forms with anti-spam reCAPTCHA which are easy to customize and add new forms.
  12. Integrated Newsletters and Mass Email Sending Service with automation and effective subscribe forms, saving much frustration, time, and money so you can stop paying 3rd party providers and wasting time syncing your subscriber lists and copying content.

… and many more integrations and customizations fully tested and working on many other websites.

@ourfingertips we are completely unbiased and we care only about what is right for each client – and no 2 clients are the same. We have much experience to draw on as we have used and continue to test what is most popular and we support our clients on every platform such as Joomla, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly (Square), Wix, WordPress, and a few others. Our own website is built with WordPress and the vast majority of our clients decide to use WordPress – as do the vast majority of websites in the world.

Contact us and we will show you the pros and cons of each platform, answer your questions, provide you with options, and quote your solutions, so you can make the best informed decisions.