Our Founder & CEO

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Our Founder & CEO

CEO (Chief Enlightened Originator)

Hi! I’m Robert Milburn. I’m a first generation computer geek. In grade 5 we had vic20 computers in our school and we learned to program and save our files on paper cards. By grade 12 I had my own commadore64 and was the only student handing in my assignments on floppy disc instead of paper. I studied Environmental Engineering in University. I landed a job with a computer company when DOS 3.0 was all the rage … and I setup ACCPAC to manage and track all our operations from orders to purchasing to inventory control. I’ve been in the Computer Industry and on the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology my whole life. I have seen firsthand how the technology we all rely on has evolved. No matter how successful our business gets, I will continue working as hard as I do now everyday. It’s a combination of curiosity, knowing how much I’m helping our clients, and making our world a better place to live that keeps me going.

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