Google Ranking Social Signals Factors

Google Ranking Social Signals Factors

Yes, it matters that we are active socially and have many followers!

The following does a good job at showing us what is important (and what is not) in managing, developing, and marketing our websites. Trust WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS as your Google Authorized Agency to help you make the most of your marketing investments. For more information and to get started consider our Web Marketing Solutions.

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Google has confirmed that they use approximately 200 ranking signals in their algorithm. While they have never publicly listed them all, they have given us many hints in different documents and interviews. We have put together the following unofficial list which is the best information we have to date about how Google ranks our pages and websites.

The Complete List

  1. Google Ranking Domain Factors
  2. Google Ranking Page Level Factors
  3. Google Ranking Site Level Factors
  4. Google Ranking Backlink Factors
  5. Google Ranking User Interaction Factors
  6. Google Ranking Special Algorithm Rules Factors
  7. Google Ranking Social Signals Factors
  8. Google Ranking Brand Signals Factors
  9. Google Ranking On-site Webspam Factors
  10. Google Ranking Off Page Webspam Factors

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