Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is how we measure your success.

Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

At WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS one of the first things we do for all our clients is setup and install Google Analytics on their websites so we can see how they are performing. Our Web Managed clients receive an analytics overview each month and can login to their own account for greater detail, plus their web manager monitors this info closely and uses it to make suggestions for how we can improve results.

See all activity of your websites at a glance with these customized overviews – or ‘dashboards’ – that we created so you can freely add them to your own Google Analytics Reporting, simply click Our Analytics Dashboard or Our Weekly Engagement Dashboard then click Create and it will be added under your CUSTOMIZATION > Dashboards.

Please Contact us if you need more information about how to read these reports.

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