1 Dance School all in one website solution

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FREE TRAIL Agreement for 1 Dance School all in one website solution:

‘1 Dance School all in one website solution’ is a custom website subscription service provided by WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS – in subscribing to this service you agree to the following:

I understand that I am requesting a trial website to be setup on behalf of my dance school which primarily provides dance programs running the duration of the school year.

I understand this free trial is a fully functional test site which gives us a password protected area to develop the website and is not to be accessed by customers or used for any real transactions. I understand that it may take a few weeks before it is ready for me to review.

While I am not obligated to sign on for any paid services, I understand that I am asking for significant work to be done on my behalf upfront and I will take this investment into consideration when asking for more help. My expectations are reasonable and my intention is to find a working solution for my dance school business. When I can see this solution works and the pricing is competitive and has real value, I will agree to begin paying the fees as published here: www.ourfingertips.com/dance or as quoted in writing before hand. When the website is ready, I will need to provide approval of the test site before it can be made live so our customers can see our content and securely order our programs online.

I understand that I have full ownership of my content and information on my customers, students, enrollments, payments, and related information and that should I cancel the services I will be given access to this information so I can copy it before the services are terminated. WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS will restore my old website at no cost should I cancel the services and give permission and a backup of my website before switching to the ‘1 Dance School all in one website solution’.

I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by all applicable laws and regulations in doing business and in protecting my identity and my customer information and I agree that WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS can not be held accountable should this information be accessed by means beyond our control. I understand WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS is making a reasonable effort to protect our privacy and data and will never knowing share any sensitive information.

I agree that much of the ‘1 Dance School all in one website solution’ systems and underlying code remains the intellectual property of WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS and I will not attempt to access or copy or hack or crack the code – and any attempts to do so by myself or anyone will result in immediate restrictions with access to my website being removed or limited as needed to protect the systems and underlying code.

I am aware of the Subscription Details & Pricing as published here: www.ourfingertips.com/dance and I am aware of the Terms & Conditions as published here: www.ourfingertips.com/terms

I assure you that I am the dance school owner, or I have the owner’s permission to enter this agreement on their behalf.

1 Dance School all in one website solution
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