Earn your way to the top of search results

Earn your way to the top of search results

We know marketing! Let us help you make the most of your website and resources to earn your way to the top of search results … and win new customers.

Adding content regularly to your website is the surest way to get more people to visit your website. Your customers will like finding answers to their questions on your website, more people find you as you rank higher in search engine results, and you gain respect and trust from your community… and you get more customers ordering your products and services.

As a best practice you are advised to add 600+ words of unique content to your website often and then share it in your email newsletter and on social media. Use the ‘Please share’ links at the bottom or your page along with a short teaser so those interested will visit your page to find out more – also ask everyone you know to use the share links too! Every time your content is shared to social sites your rank improves. Every time someone visits your website you have an opportunity for new customers.

What can you write about?

You know your business and as an insider you have so much to write about and plenty of opportunities for videos and pictures worth sharing.

You know your customers and how to answer their questions, what words work to sell your products and services, what sparks their interest, and what gets them coming back for more. You just need to put it in writing and share this with more people – or find someone to put it in writing for you (yes, we can do that for you too).

Keep in mind that your main focus on marketing is to get more customers buying your products and services.

You never get what you don’t ask for! Make your content so it inspires an action like visiting your website and ordering online.

Sharing your photos and content directly on social media sites will not help your business anywhere near as effectively as adding the full unique content to your website first then sharing the teaser – so everyone interested will follow the link to your website where the magic happens … when they like what they see they order, phone you, send you an email, or subscribe to your newsletters.

Can you get some help?

Absolutely! Let us help you! As a Google Partner with web development and marketing experience, we have much to offer business owners on how to market their business. Contact us for a personal presentation – we LOVE sharing and getting the word out on how Google search results work and understanding how to use best practices to rank higher.

Some Videos Worth Watching:

AdWords (now Google Ads) basics in 90 seconds (1:40)

Introducing Google My Business (1:24)

Learn the basics of Google My Business (2:48)

Google Analytics: The What, The Why, The How (2:15)

Organic Search and Paid Advertising: The Benefits of Getting on Google (3:03)

5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online (4:36)
1. free listing (organic),
2. ads (SEM),
3. local listing,
4. social media,
5. email marketing

Don’t miss these funny videos ‘Shopping Online is supposed to be easy’:

Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout (2:00)

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We know marketing! Let us help you make the most of your website and resources to earn your way to the top of search results … and win new customers.

Contact us to learn more and get started – the sooner the better!

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