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We are a small shop concentrating on providing quality above quantity – we currently provide ongoing web solutions for 44 clients (15 Beginner, 21 Intermediate, 8 Advanced). Since our first website in 1997 we have built and delivered 137 full websites and provided significant development and support on 34 more.

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It’s In The Approach

At WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS the approach is simple – we are here to help you make the most of the technology at your fingertips. As a client you benefit by ...

Why our clients are so happy

@ OURFINGERTIPS is built on a solid foundation of products and services and our clients have direct access to our lead developer and team of dedicated professionals that make it happen.


Hello! My name is Flannery Cross. Working with people is my passion. I love discussing ideas and finding ways to make them a reality, and I feel that technology is one of the best ways to get us there.

Our Founder & CEO

Hi! I’m Robert Milburn. I'm a first generation computer geek. In grade 5 we had vic20 computers in our school and we learned to program and save our files on paper cards.

The Company

We have a better way for business owners to manage, develop, and market their web based operations!

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Robert is a godsend for the small business owner or busy professional with IT needs. He’s the wonderful geek that speaks everyday language and has been instrumental at supporting the growth of my business. Highly recommended!

Jamie Broughton

Robert has demonstrated extreme attention to detail in every phase of work. His personal approach is designed to offer a unique mix of expert knowledge and a down to earth intuition of what clients want and need from their website, on an aesthetic and on a practical level. I am very pleased with my choice to have his company design and host my site, and feel that Robert is truly an ally in my business’ development.

Cathie Clark

I could honestly recommend Robert in many qualities: he is also, personable, high in expertise, on time, and creative, gives great results, good value and is of high integrity.

We worked together on a website for my seasonal tourism business, a B&B and small outdoor tour operation. This website provided the base for our operations for over 10 years, including full service in terms of placement and occasional revamping of the site.

I very much enjoyed working with him in all aspects mentioned above, and will do so again at the next opportunity.

Pieter Bergen