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No more bank fees

This is a game changer ... I’m making money instead of paying bank fees.

Website content you will want to have

Here is a quick overview about what website content you will want to have when making your new website public.

Our Proven Checklist for Marketing Success

Either Contact Us or Order Now and have a dedicated manager do all the following and more for your business:

Begin with Management

It all begins with your Web Management Solution, once you have this everything else is a matter of progress.

Example Estimate

Here is an example estimate which we send to get the project started ...

Our Opportunities

We are currently looking for help for the following.

Make Money

We really appreciate all efforts to refer and sell our services and generously pay those that help us grow!

Tax Compliance for e-Commerce

Tax Compliance for e-Commerce is so much easier now with solutions keeping us updated in real time.

It’s In The Approach

At WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS the approach is simple – we are here to help you make the most of the technology at your fingertips. As a client you benefit by ...

Why our clients are so happy

@ OURFINGERTIPS is built on a solid foundation of products and services and our clients have direct access to our lead developer and team of dedicated professionals that make it happen.

See how we use WooCommerce

12 minute video showing how we use WooCommerce for online quotes, orders, partial payments, subscriptions … and sync all of it to our QuickBooks Online!

JUMP START Your Marketing & Win New Customers NOW

14 minute video with a customer success story and overview showing how they started receiving new orders and payments with just a few hours of work.

Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

Grant money and incentives you can actually use! CDAP is currently offering 2 grants as incentives to (1) help you grow by selling online, and (2) boost your ability to compete with better use of technology ...

Grow Your B2C Business Online Grant

$2,400 Grant For Your Canadian B2C Business - To help you grow by selling online, with developing and marketing your e-commerce solution.

Beware misleading and biased comparisons

... most compare sites are created by companies specifically to give their own products better reviews over the competition, or biased based on which solution makes them most profitable ...

Google or Microsoft?

Need help choosing either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for your Business?

Working in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is making us way more productive ~ we use it for: Keeping it simple, Improving our productivity, Working together in real time, Our complete phone system - And we are LOVING IT!


Hello! My name is Flannery Cross. Working with people is my passion. I love discussing ideas and finding ways to make them a reality, and I feel that technology is one of the best ways to get us there.

COVID-19 Business Survival Guide

Here are some tips to help your business survive COVID-19