It’s In The Approach

It’s In The Approach

At WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS the approach is simple – we are here to help you make the most of the technology at your fingertips. As a client you benefit by having a person to call and email who knows your systems, listens to your requests, understands the big picture, and proactively presents you with your options.

Know up-front exactly what the initial and on-going costs will be. We know you have a limited budget and would not like any surprise expenses so we invest the time to get to know you and your systems and we help you set aside the needed resources each month. We continue to keep you advised of updates and get your pre-approval before investing any time on your behalf so we both know what work needs to be done and can decide together how to invest our resources.

There are so many amazing technologies we can use to help us do more with what we have. We need to make smart choices when investing in any technology and we need to have solutions we can trust to continue working with us for the long-term.

WEBSITES @ OURFINGERTIPS was founded 27 years ago, in 1997, by Robert Milburn, who now has 33 years of experience in the Computer and IT Industry which gives him a uniquely keen understanding of technology and how to apply it to your environment so you can select the solutions that really work for you.

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