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COVID-19 Business Survival Guide

Here are some tips to help your business survive COVID-19

Now is the time to help out and build good faith with your customers and staff and community. Keep thinking “better safe than sorry” and “what can I do to help?” and “how do I keep the business moving forward?”

Financial Relief & Info

To our clients: let us know if you want us to stop your payments and/or reduce your non-essential services – we will do everything we can to minimize your costs and help you and your business get through this.

To our prospective clients: take advantage of our free consultation and ask us if we can give you a FREE TRIAL – in most cases we are happy to get things working and won’t charge you anything until you start seeing new money coming in from our efforts.

Give the best online presentations / meetings / virtual classes

We highly recommend using either Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 solutions for your business as the meetings work better, cost less, and have many more features than others such as,,,, …

Share your videos on YouTube

Strongly advise sharing your videos on If you haven’t done so already, setup your free YouTube Channel(s) for your business and upload your videos. You can set your videos to public, unlisted, or private – so you can easily control who can watch them.

Keep your customers and staff up to date

  • Add an alert notice to your website
  • Send a newsletter to your customers
  • Unleash the power of Live Chat!

Email Marketing - First Campaign

Email Marketing - First Campaign
Take advantage of our free consultation
and SAVE 20%
Start using the most effective and the least expensive marketing for selling more. Order this complete solution for your business and your first mass email/newsletter campaign is as good as sent.

Live Chat Sales & Support

Live Chat
Take advantage of our free consultation
and SAVE 50%
Help visitors to your website see the real value of your products and services - in real time from real people!
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